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    About Horse Hair Jewelry

    Being a horse lover and horse owner, I know and understand the whole addiction/passion that is involved. If you're anything like me, you just can't own enough horse "stuff"! If there's a horse on it or it involves a horse, I gotta have it!

    As well, I had some hair from a horse I loved dearly when I was child. It just sat in a bag in a drawer. I thought there has to be something I can do with it. I finally tried making a horse hair bracelet from it and then from there, I started making them for friends and now, for you.

    Dec 2015, I also had to say goodbye to a long time friend, my 29 year old QH mare, Chelsea Buns. It was the hardest day of my life! Having created several horse hair pieces from her tail gives me a sense that she is near. My favorite being the unbraided keychain I had from my car mirror.

    We are Canadian proud, and live in New Liskeard, Ontario, Canada. We can ship to anywhere in the world, or you can ship your hair to us from anywhere in the world as well. Don't have horse hair, that's ok, you can choose from our list of horse hair products all ready for you to choose from.

    We also offer other great gifts. We can stamp your horses name onto a blank for a bracelet or a keychain, or perhaps you'd just like a keychain made with your favorite saying. We also create all kinds bling from boot bling, beaded jewellery to custom made necklaces. As well as dog tags, halter, bridle and blanket tags!

    We also know most horse lovers are also dog and cat lovers. It just seems to go hand-in-hand. We also create a special gift for those cats and dogs. Check out under Pet Keepsakes to learn more.

    Please contact us anytime by email with any questions at:

horse hair jewellery in canada