To add to your horse hair items

Please go through the list of accessories below. When you send your hair, please add on the note, what accessories you prefer. You can shoot us an email first to make sure it's in stock as accessories do change fast.


NOTE: accessories can change often. I try to keep it updated below, but it's not always a guarantee that a specific color is available. It has been hard to keep stock with covid as well :( So just double check with us.

End Caps - included in price

These end caps are used at the end of each side of your bracelets as well as other horse hair items. They are all different diameters inside, so you need to pick the one that matches the bracelet diameter you choose. You can find this on the products/price list page. Sometimes the amount of hair you provide will determine the final end cap diameter. Example, if you choose the 3-5mm, this just means the bracelet will be anywhere from 3 to 5mm, depending on how much hair there is to work with once the hair is sorted.

At the moment, these are all in stock.

Smaller End Caps

(1,& 5)  3-5mm bracelets

(2, 3, 4) 7-8 mm bracelets - #2 is our most popular

#4 no longer available

Larger End Caps

(1)     Used only only for keychains

(2, 3)  9-12mm bracelets - 3 really isn't that nice

(4, 5)  7-8 mm bracelets

#2 and 5 no longer available

Clasps - included in price

The first one is very tiny. The other 3 are the most popular used but sometimes people prefer a small clasp, so you would choose number 1.

Only #4 is available


These beads are an added accessory to your bracelet. You can create your bracelet with no bead, or add one of the many choices below. There are different diameters available. The beads are an extra cost to add to your horse hair jewellery.

BRAND NEW!!  - 7-9 mm bracelets - $5.00 each

These beautiful beads  have just come in! They are perfect for the wider type bracelets and for the keychains. They could be used on the 7-8 bracelets, they would just finish closer to 9.

#2 and #5 no longer available.

Rhinestone  Beads  - 7-8 mm Bracelets - $3.00 each

These rhinestone beads fit the 7-8mm bracelets. Number 5 is a fairly new bead as well.

#2 and #4 no longer available.

3-5 mm bracelets - $2.00 each

These beads fit the 3-5mm bracelets. Limited stock available.

3-5 mm bracelets - $1.00 each (closer to 3mm)

These beads fit the 3-5mm bracelets. Limited stock available. Other colors available, just shoot us an email to find out. These are great with more then one on a bracelet.

Metal Stamped Names

You can add a name to all bracelets and Keychains. The 3 on the left are for bracelets. The others are for Keychains. These items change often.

For all bracelets - $5.00 each

This price includes a name stamped on the blank. (1) is a perfect size for a name up to 8 characters.  The other 2, are for initials.

None of these available, waiting on stock.


These can be used on bracelets, keychains etc. All Charms are $2.00 each. Group D is for keychains.







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