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Find the tailbone and grab some of tail hair just where the bone ends, (it’s nice if you can comb it at this stage) from the inside of the tail. Clip it as close to the dock bone as possible, then pull the hair free from the rest of the tail.

Collect your horses hair..NOTE: MUST BE tail hair ONLY. The mane is not as strong as tail hair. If mane hair is all you have, shoot me an email and we’ll discuss what you’re looking to do. There are times I can make something from mane, providing it’s not so soft or too many short hairs.
















Tie the hair with a rubber band. Please don’t use tape or string. Please do not knot or braid. If you’d like to mix some color, you can cut hair from different areas for the tail.

Once you have a good amount (at least 3 pencils wide, 11 inches long) Then please shampoo your horse hair (not condition). Once dry, place in a baggie along with a note including what you are ordering, sizes, accessories ect...(see shipping and packing below).

NOTE: if you send your hair unwashed, braided or matted, it will be an extra fee of $10.00 PER ITEM as that adds an extra time to the project. Please make sure it’s clean and brushed out.


If you are making a horse hair item from a lost equine friend, do not send the entire tail. We can, send back any hair we don’t use if requested however, would hate to see it get lost in the mail (that doesn't happen often, but why take the chance.

Great video showing how to collect the hair

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