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Most importantly, we need to know what size your wrist is. (Measure your wrist at the largest part – around the bone – and write that down.) If you don’t have a measuring tape, just use a string and put that in the bag.

If it is for a gift, use the following guidelines): (you could also purchase a gift certificate from us, that way you don’t need to guess and don’t need to cut your friends horse tail)

Child’s size               = 6 inches
Average woman      = 7.5 inches
Big boned woman  = 8.5 inches
Average Man or if you want to wear it as an anklet = 9 inches

If you provide a wrist size based on this chart only, we are not responsible if it doesn’t fit. These bracelets can’t be resized. We can however, add a bit of chain or jump rings to make it a tad longer if needed.


Please note: Necklaces are usually finished at whatever length the hair allows. If you want a specific length, you’ll need to let me know.














Great video showing how to Measure wrist

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