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RETURN POLICY/Horsehair Care

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Because these are custom made products, all items purchased at Destiny's Horse Hair Jewellery are non-refundable. However, if by chance, any accessories fall off/apart within 30 days, please contact us and send us photos. Providing you have not been wearing the bracelet everyday, in the shower etc, we would be glad to repair the item.

Horse hair jewellery is a delicate piece of jewellery. It is not meant for everyday wear or use. Not to be worn in the shower, or while doing dishes. Should not be worn to bed or with other jewellery as well.

If hair does start to poke out, which it will, please use small scissors or a nail clipper to cut the hair.

Do not try to reverse a bracelet, it will destroy it.

Horse hair Jewellery can  be sprayed with hairspray to keep it shiny and in tack now and then.

Since all accessories are not sterling silver, keeping your item in a plastic bag will extend the life of the accessories.

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