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How much hair do I need?
Depends on your item but most require 11″ and 2-3 pencil widths. If you have less, contact me. We have several options to offer.


How do I prepare the hair?
Please wash your hair with just shampoo, (not dish soap and no conditioner). Once hair is dry, place it in a baggie. Then write your name, your horses name and wrist size on the bag.  (or on a piece of paper and insert in bag.) If you shipping address is different then what’s on the envelope, please add that as well. We get a lot of orders at one time, so this prevents us from mixing up orders. Keep each item in a separate bag.


Where do we ship?
We ship anywhere in the world that the postal service lets us. We are located in New Liskeard, Ont, Canada. Give us a shout for pricing.

What if I sent you my hair dirty, braided and unorganized?
We certainly don’t mind but do add an extra $10 for each item created from the hair.

Do you use Sterling silver end caps, charms, swarovski crystals, gold or other such items ?
All of our bracelets do not include the above. If you would like to use any of the mentioned accessories, they are available at a higher price. Please contact us if you prefer sterling silver.

How long will my order take?
Usually the entire process takes two tow three weeks once your hair arrives. There are times when it can take longer.  Also there are times of the year (Christmas) when I have many custom orders in at once and things get a little busy, so timing may take longer. Please let us know if you require your items at a specific date.

Why does it take so long?
Creating horse hair jewellery is a procedure that can take a few days. I also do the jewelry in the order I receive it.

Can I pay you after your done?
NO, all items must be paid in advance BEFORE the work starts.

My bracelet isn’t thick enough, or thin enough?
When you choose the end caps, sometimes the final thickness of the bracelet will determine what end cap will work best. However, if you choose to get the 6-10mm bracelet but choose #6 end cap, your bracelet will be 8mmish in thickness. If you choose end cap #4 for another example, your bracelet can be up to 10mm thick. You can pick the one you prefer but if it happens there is less hair for that size once sorted, we’ll let you know.

Where’s my bead or it’s not the color I wanted?
If you do not specify you want a bead in your order, or the type/color,  you item will have none.

That doesn’t look like my horsehair color I sent?
We do not get hair ever mixed up with others as we work from the bag your hair came in and put it right back in as we work on others. When we sort the hair, there is a ton of different lengths. Our final goal is to have all the same lengths.

So when hair is sorted, say for instance from a black tail, that has some brown tint, perhaps the brown tint part of the hair is shorter and gets pulled out during sorting. The final result of the hair is just black.  This can happen in all colors of hair. Also, once hair is washed, sorted, then braided together, it changes the whole context. We can never predict how the final piece will look unless it’s a solid color.

My horse hair item makes me itchy?
Yes, horse hair is itchy and sometimes, will give some people a rash. And of course, if you’re allergic, then it’s pretty likely the hair is going to irritate you.
One of the reasons we always add up to an inch extra on bracelet wrist sizes is to keep the hair from being direct contact with your skin.

My horse hair item broke/I’m not happy with my product?
All horse hair items created are not meant to be worn or used everyday. These are delicate pieces of memories that require care. At times, jump rings pop open, end caps pop off etc. Most times due to lack of care, but sometimes it just happens. Even the most of expensive jewellery falls apart :(. If this happens within 30 days after you’ve received your item, you can send the item in question back.

I’ll see if I can repair it at no cost. Generally, we do not offer any refunds or replacements, but please send us your horse hair item and we’ll take a look. You must send the item for me to be able to assist you and you are responsible for shipping costs both ways.

Why can’t mane hair be used for braiding?
Mane hair is very fine, compared to tail hair, and the individual hairs are not very strong. Since they are so thin and weak they simply make a very bad product. In addition it takes a great deal of time. I will work mane hair if someone insists on it, but there is an extra fee involved. As well, we are not responsible for the lack of quality that is usually provided with mane hair :).

What happens to the hair that is not used?
If you sent extra hair that’s not used, it will be returned if you request it. I do not return any of the hair sorted for the braid itself though.It’s too small and bundled into a mess.

You messed up my order?
As hard as we try not to make mistakes, we are human and it can happen. Especially if we are pushed for time on orders. If it’s a mistake on our part we will gladly replace your item, such as adding something we shouldn’t or forgetting to add, typos in the name (we will create a new name tag). When it comes to bracelet size, we expect to be provided the wrist size tight, and we add an inch, give or take. If the bracelet ends up not fitting, that is not an error on our part. Unfortunately, we can’t adjust the horse hair per say, but if it’s too small, we can add some accessories to lengthen it. We can’t do smaller So PLEASE be sure to provide the proper measurements. If it’s a gift and you take the chance of providing a measurement by guessing, we are also not responsible if it doesn’t fit.

What if my hair is too short, or there is not enough?
The best thing to do is just show/send me the hair. Once I see it, I can give you a better idea of what can be braided from that hair. I will always be able to do something with the hair even if it’s just a key chain.

Can I put more than one horse in a single project?
Yes, you sure can! Actually, braids look much better combined with different colors


I decided I don’t like the item you made, don’t want it, or found someone else. Can I get my money back.

Sorry, no. All items purchased are non-refundable.

Are you responsible if my hair doesn’t arrive or my items don’t arrive once you ship them?
NO, we are not held reliable for either. But please do keep us in the loop. As well, if you opt for express shipping, you will have a tracking number.

My item doesn’t fit, I gave you the wrong measurements, can you make me another one?
It is important that you provide us proper wrist sizing. These bracelets and other horse hair jewellery can not be taken apart once created. If it doesn’t fit due to providing wrong measurements, or none at all, we do not replace it at no cost. So be sure you have your measurements correct.

Still have questions?                                                                                                                                          

Please contact us anytime by email with any questions at:
You can also call or text (705) 642-6392.

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